Friday, June 3, 2011

The {wish} List Goes On

It's my week to host the digi dares, and this week's dare is all about wish lists! Fun and easy - and some GREAT prizes up for grabs! The Tattered Pear is the sponsor this week! You could win a gift certificate just for participating, and everyone who participates gets a coupon for their store!! Check it out!

Here's my layout...

"The girl KNOWS what she wants, and she has quite the list... *Polly Pockets *Zoobles *My Little Pony toys *Butterfly Garden *Volcano *Rock Digging Kit *Tea Set(s) *Anything 'Tangled' *Barbie *LPS *The Barbie Horse *Duck Pillow Pet *American Girl Craft Supplies *Pirates of the Caribbean Lego sets *Lego Creators - Houses, Trucks, Cars and Helicopters"

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