Sunday, June 19, 2011


today has been a big day.

today my first-born baby turned ten. *gasp* how time flies! we are within a few years of total teen attitude invasion. every now and then i get a glimpse of it... just a glimpse. he is really a spectacular kid and he has never been one to give us much trouble. i would love to believe that trend will continue all the way into adulthood. however, i remember being a teenager, so i'm not holding my breath on that one.

his sister loves him so much.
and loves giving him bunny ears in pictures

this morning i got up and went to the grocery, spent $40 on various fruits and veggies, eggs, bacon, juice and milk. then i came home and made what lucas lovingly dubs the heroshima breakfast. the breakfast that explodes in our kitchen into one gigantic, intimidating mess. but it's good. it was bacon, scrambled eggs, omlets, toast and cinnamon rolls. just to clarify, we did not all eat one of everything...because we wouldn't need to eat for days if we all ate all of that. yum, it was good. we were stuffed. we went on about our day.

today was not only sebastian's birthday, but also father's day. we took lucas to best buy and let him pick out his presents. sometimes it's just easier that way. he ended up with a best-of collection of games for ps3. we also got each other anniversary gifts there. for him we got golden eye for wii with some fancy shmancy controller. for me, we got a cover for my kindle. i love it. i love my kindle, so i love anything that keeps my kindle safe and comfy cozy.


on the way home from best buy we stopped by dairy queen and got an ice cream cake to celebrate the birthday / father's day. reese's ice cream cake. delish.

besides all the fun and excitement, there was one thing that put a bit of a damper on our day. we had to take lucas to the airport and drop him off for his week of travel. we'll see him again this weekend for sebastian's birthday party, so at least it's only for five days this time. it's still never a fun thing to see him go. at least this time i didn't cry. i'm usually such a sap.

meagan fell asleep in the car on the way back from the airport, so she got a good hour nap. we'll see if she actually sleeps tonight. keeping my fingers crossed.

i think tonight i'm gonna see if the kids want to haul the lego bin up from the basement and plop in the living room and watch a movie or two while we sort through legos to rebuild kits. it's quite the undertaking, i know. it's been an ongoing project around here for weeks, and i must say i can't wait to have it done. only way to get it done is to do it.


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Val said...

Happy belated birthday to Sebastian! Welcome to the double digits. =D

Hope your week went okay and that you know how much we miss you guys! Hug everyone for us. I'm loving the "the kids were here" parts especially. So colorful- you have such a good eye, Rebecca. Love you!