Monday, June 6, 2011

one of life's firsts and some other good stuff

I'm slipping. Sheesh, what kind of aweful blogger am I?
Not aweful. Just busy. Enjoying life sometimes comes before documenting life. Sometimes. :)

We've had a lot going on. The kids are out of school now. Their last day was last Wednesday. I went to the school in the morning because Sebastian's class was having a Survivor field day in the park, and parents were invited to come along. That was fun to watch! Survivor-inspired games with four classes of fourth graders. Good stuff!

Thursday my mom came to visit... her first trip to our new house. She was here until Saturday morning. We hung out a bit, and I drove her around and showed her a bit. We took the kids out for lunch, and then went and played at one of the parks. It was a good visiting day.

Saturday morning we did something that was a first for me. Can you guess what it was?
We went and picked up Isaac's football equipment. Pads, a helmet, a chin strap and a mouth guard are now standing sentinal in our dining room (because I haven't found a better place for them yet).

Also while we were there, he had to get a physical. He was NOT thrilled with peeing in a cup. He flat told the doctor, "I don't WANT to pee in a cup." Too bad. Eventually I guess he must have given in because they signed off on the physical.

After the equipment pick-up and a McDonald's lunch at the park nearby, we headed home, got our bathing suits on, and headed to the beach at the lake. It was near 100 degrees on Saturday, and the kids were begging for some water in which to submerge themselves. The lake was the closest and cheapest option. It worked. They had a blast.

Imagine. Those sandy stones ended up ALL OVER our floors. There were sandy stone piles in the bathroom, all three kids' bedrooms, and even in the middle of the stairs going upstairs. Nice. Our vacuum cleaner didn't know what to think! Lesson learned... next time we'll take our clothes there and change out of bathing suits before we come home. Leave the bulk of the stones there that way I think.

Yesterday Lucas left for a work trip. A short work trip. So we're on our own for a few days. Which means that today I get to take all three kids to the grocery. Oh joy of joys. But it will be a good day. I am determined!

Oh, one more note before I go...

While we were at the football equipment pick up, they were also signing girls up for cheerleading for the football season. One of the coaches asked Meagan if she would like to cheer. She gave him a look like he was from another planet, wrinkled up her nose, squinted her eyes at him and said in her very best are-you-kidding-me voice, "Um, nooooo. I'm not really a cheering kind of girl." He laughed and asked her if she would rather play football. "I'll play football," she said, "but I am NOT going to cheer." Love it. The girl definitely has her opinions.

Okay, I'm off to prepare for the grocery! Have a lovely day!


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