Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Karate Chop

Did I mention earlier that today was the first day of karate class for Isaac and Meagan? The community park programs have a beginner karate class that runs for 4 weeks - a quick and inexpensive way for the kids to see if it's something they like. While Sebastian opted out, Isaac and Meagan both wanted to give it a try.

Yep. It started tonight.

All seemed to be going well. For about 35 minutes. And then. There was an obstacle course of sorts that went something like this:
do a kick
forward roll
pencil roll
another forward roll
walk on a balance beam
jump on a trampoline AND count to ten... in Japanese.

Meagan sailed all the way through the whole thing. Doing great. Jumped up on the trampoline. But REFUSED to count in Japanese.

There was a kid standing there to help the new kids who did not yet know their numbers in Japanese. Poor kid.

He said, "Itch."
She glared at him.
He said "itch" again.
She crossed her arms and gave a look.
The teacher came over. The teacher said, "itch"
Now, most kids would give in and just repeat the stupid word.
Not Meagan.
She was NOT having it. At one point after, oh, I don't know, the tenth time the instructor tried to coax her into saying "itch", Meagan looked at her and said, "I am NOT Chinese. I do not COUNT in Chinese."

I'd say it was a good five minute debacle, which included Meagan crying and leaving the room to get a drink from the water fountain. So much drama. In the end, she did count - mumble counted, but she counted - to ten in Japanese. She was not too happy about it.

Isaac on the other hand seemed to really enjoy himself. He caught on quickly. He counted, no problem. He is excited to get his white belt next week so that he can begin to work on getting stripes on it. Once he learned that you need eight stripes and then you get to move up to a gold belt, I think he made a few personal goals for himself. Now he's a man with a plan.

It should be interesting to see what next week brings.


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