Monday, June 20, 2011

rainbow polkadots

My scrapping has really slowed down this month. Maybe something to do with having three kids at home all the time and a traveling husband? Maybe? But I did manage to find time to do a layout the other night, so I thought I'd share.


journaling: these are the taken-for-granted elements of daily life. the bed i've made a thousand times, the pillows that are always on the floor. Meagan's room as it is in Ohio, with her polkadot sheets and rainbow comforter, her purple unicorn pillow pet, and an assortment of pink & green all over the room.
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I know it might seem like an odd thing to scrap, but I have my reasons. I can remember all of my childhood bedrooms... sort of... but for a place that is supposed to be the personal haven of every child, I don't remember much.

The earliest bedroom I remember was at the apartment my mom & I lived in when I was pretty little. It had white furniture with little pink rosettes, a matching comforter and curtains, and a little pink and white vanity chair. I remember a few of the toys I had in there, but I can't really remember much about it.

Then there was the yellow room when we first moved from the apartment to a house. Eventually that yellow room became the pink and blue kitty explosion that I 'loved' so much. Then when we moved again I think I went with blues - sunflowers on blue & white stripes.

Our kids' bedrooms have been well-photographed. Partly because I take way too many pictures, but also because we've had to take so many pictures for moving and selling houses and such. I figured it would be fun to put those rooms into the pages of our albums. Personal spaces, after all, are a substantial background element of growing up.


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