Thursday, June 9, 2011

kids were here - day 1

yeseterday at TLP, someone posed a challenge to photographically document the evidence of kids in our lives without having any kids in the pictures. that sounds fun. that i can do. i'm thinking a really cute 8x8 bound album at the end of this could be fun too!

Day 1 - June 8

this would all be the effects fo meagan, as i'm sure many of my photos will be. this is her crayon, her coloring book, her shoe, her raisins from snack, and misc food crumbs under her chair at the table. *sigh* the child is like a walking natural disaster!

if you feel inspired to play along, join in! take a picture, post it somewhere, and post a link in my comments. i'd LOVE to see! the challenge was for 30 days. i figure i'll go until i stop. 30 days sounds like a decent round number though. no worries if you miss a day here or there!


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