Thursday, January 26, 2012

First things First!

What a week we had last week! I spent a good chunk of my time running back and forth between home and downtown Indy for the Circle of Stars meet that our gym hosted this past weekend. Thursday was set-up, and the meet ran Fri-Sun. I was there every single one of those days. For hours. And hours. But it was good.

Meagan competed Sunday afternoon/evening. She had to be there at 3:15. I think we left the parking garage around 8:00. I was a LONG day.

But she did great!


First event... beam. Eh, okay. She had one fall... that sillly handstand has gotten her twice now in competition. She scored an 8.0. On to floor. Floor was a train wreck of sorts. She didn't make her bridge kick-over, and so the rest of her routine sort of fell apart from there. *sigh* 7.6 on floor.

Vault was next. She runs like a mad woman... that's good! And she hits the board with power... also good! Problem is, she has a tough time controlling her momentum, so she ends up taking steps at the end to stop herself from launching into the wall. *lol* Still, even with the steps, she scored an 8.6 on vault. Pretty good!!

Bars was last. Never know what you're going to get on bars. She has the ABILITY to do the whole routine, but I had only ever known her to make one of the elements ONE time in practice. Ever. And she certainly did NOT make it during warm-ups. And in warm-ups, she flew off of the bar on her dismount and bounced on her booty. She got up and announced "I'm Okay!!" for the whole gym to hear. *smile* So we weren't really sure what to expect when she mounted the bar.

But... she totally shocked us all. That child turned in the best performance of her life! She MADE her middle circle (the element she has only ever done once) like a PRO! Her form was amazing... there were none of the bent legs she usually has. And she not only did her dismount without the butt-bounce, but she STUCK that puppy! It was beautiful! I almost cried! Even before I saw her score, the tears were threatening. And when her score was posted, all of our parent friends who were sitting around us started cheering for her... she got a 9.0!! Her first score ever to break out of the 8's (or 7's or 6's for that matter). I was SO beyond proud of her! She did so great!

As we were walking over to the awards room, she squeezed my hand and said, "Mommy, I think a 9.0 is pretty close to first place." I wasn't sure it WAS first place, so I said, "It just might be, baby girl." and left it at that.

So here's how awards went for her...

6th place on vault

1st on bars!!!

and 6th AA

Considering that this meet had teams from Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, and on and on, I'd say 6th place AA was pretty good! We were all so super proud of her!

And a bonus, John Roethlisberger (a former US Olympian) was on of the announcers for awards, and Sebastian had the chance to meet him face to face. As John walked away, Sebastian looked at me and almost whispered "That was COOL."


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Anonymous said...

Wow, How wonderful for Meagan. She looks so proud, making me cry like a grandma does. Miss all of you.