Tuesday, January 3, 2012

in pictures

I love the whole idea of documenting life in pictures. I love capturing every-day moments and truths of who we are and how we live... the in and out of daily routine is colored by the little nuances that make each moment unique.

This year, so far, has been uneventful by many standards. We spent the first day of the year lounging around the house. Other than peeling myself up every now and then to play a game with Meagan or to make a meal (barely... does Fruity Pebbles count as lunch?), I mostly just laid around and tried not to feel as bad as I felt. But moments like this one helped...

(Meagan staged a comeback and beat me at the Lego dragon pyramid game.)

Monday, day 2 of 2012, Lucas took the day off of work. We woke up to snow and bitter cold weather. But I was feeling quite a bit better than the day before, so we decided to venture out. It was our first day out of the house and DOING something since the start of Christmas break it seems. We spent entirely too much time trading turns being sick. Blech. Anyway, we took the kids to the Children's Museum to see the frogs while they're still on exhibit. I, however, forgot my camera. I do have several photos that I took with my cell phone, but alas, they are still trapped on said cell phone. So, imagine some frogs. And smiling kid faces.

Moving on. :)

Today we said good-bye to Christmas and officially put every last trace of holiday decorating away in the corner of the basement where it will wait until next Christmas. It feels SO nice to have the living room back to normal. It almost feels empty after having been so cramped and crowded for over a month. The kids were in charge of de-ornamenting the tree. Wow. I had to break up more than a few arguments over who would put which ornaments away. Really? *sigh* Too many consecutive days together with no real break. They're ready for some new scenery and new faces to look at I do believe.

And finally FINALLY today, my Christmas gift from Lucas arrived!!! He got me the Clementine Project Life kit and album, and it is just as beautiful as I had imagined it would be! I am so excited to give this a go for 2012. The Clementine kit just makes me feel all warm and happy. I'm happy. I sat in front of the fire tonight and caught up on the first few days of the year. Hopefully, and in theory, I'll be able to keep up with this daily. Here's to hoping I find my rhythm and don't fall behind. Falling behind is bad news for me.


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