Wednesday, January 4, 2012

would you believe it!

After MONTHS. I mean, really. Months. Of waiting for this door to be fixed. And all the residual stuff (i.e. floor, trim, paint) to be taken care of properly. Months.

Today, finally finally, the finishing touches were put on the trim and the door. The nail holes have been filled. The trim has been patched. The door has been painted inside and out. It looks......nice. We no longer have an eye sore in our dining area.


I'm thinking we might finally be able to put this baby to rest. Move on. New year, new door.

(Is it sad that this is one of the major highlights of my day?)


Other highlights...

* Meagan and her friend had a tea party with her new tea set. Water in the tea pot, banana muffins, and apple slices with Goober peanut butter and chocolate. mmmmmm.....

which leads to another highlight...

* I made banana muffins today. I had 3 VERY ripe bananas that were at the use-it-or-lose-it stage. So I printed off a recipe that I found online... a recipe that doesn't require anything fancy. No wheat germ. No buttermilk. Just the basics. And they were delish! Mini muffins are the best!

* I got a lot of laundry done today. Yes, that's a highlight. I thought it might be time to commence with laundering when I overheard this conversation this morning:

Sebastian: Isaac, I'm out of pants. Do you have any I can borrow?
Isaac: Yeah, if you don't mind wearing my football pants.
Sebastian: Uuuuh..... I think I'll just get some out of the hamper.


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