Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Queen City

Sebastian had a meet in Cincinnati this past weekend. The host gym was Queen City Gymnastics... a very well-coached and super-talented team! It was a BIG meet. It took a LONG time to get through SIX events (equalling 12 rotations - 2 flights per event... sigh). Their check-in time was 5:00pm. We walked out of the building sometime around 11:00pm. Late.

Sebastian did a GREAT job! He's so talented and loves this sport so much! It is such a joy to watch him! He started on floor... had to step out of his handstand at the very beginning, but picked right back up and went on. Plus, he did both of his bonuses this time (a press to handstand and a round-off back handspring)!! Yea!!

Pommel horse actually went very well. Mushroom (a secondary part of pommel horse for the lower levels) did not. But oh well. Pommel horse is a tough event anyway. He'll get it.

Rings and Vault he scored a 15.0 on both! And he scored near a 15 (14.7 maybe?) on high bar.

And on Parallel Bars!! Oh my word! He looked incredible! And his score... 15.5!!! Out of 16.0! Fabulous! I thought I'd share his Parallel Bar routine with you. (Turn the volume down, I have a loud mouth! *lol*)

The results:
Floor: 9th place
Rings: 7th place
Vault: 3rd place
P. Bars: 1st place!!!
H. Bar: 9th place
AA: 9th place

He is already looking forward to his next meet! He is sure that he will do better on both floor and pommel horse, and he has set a goal for himself to win parallel bars at every meet this year. I think he can do it!!


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