Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week 1

I'm still getting used to doing this whole thing with paper. Feels weird, being a digital scrapper and all. But so far I think I like it.

And I did get week 1 done! I think I like how it turned out. I'm hoping that as the year goes on, I'll get a better feel for this and maybe get a little more creative. OR maybe not. Whatever. My real goal in doing this project is just simply to document daily life for the year. And to have something immediately tangible to flip through and look at. That's huge for me.

Anyway... my week 1:


An up-close look at the left side:

That top right picture is the ceiling of part of the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. It's covered with beautiful glass pieces, and they have an I-spy sort of deal set up where you have to find different glass pieces in the big sea of glass and color. Very cool deal.

And a close-up of the right side:

I attatched a Smash pocket that I had in my craft stash and used it to store letters from our sweet friends Val and Carrie. Getting those sweet notes is definitely a highlight of our first week of 2012, and it deserves a place in the album.


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