Sunday, June 3, 2012

Butterflies at the Zoo

I know this will seem like something totally obvious to most of you whose brains work like normal people's brains do, but I have this idea to go through a whole year of photos and finish scrapping that year so that I can actually make an album out of the layouts! Novel idea, right? I just don't ever really scrap like that. I don't go in order. I just scrap whatever I feel like... it could be from 2012 or from 2002. So for me, focusing on one specific year is actually quite a challenge. Yes, I'm still going to be scrapping 2012 because I like to scrap the stories while they're fresh in my mind. But other than that, I'll be trying to work my way through 2011 (although probably still not in much of a chronological order). 

These photos are from a zoo trip in July 2011. We met friends of ours there, and spent the day with them. I have about a zillion photos from that one zoo trip. These were just the ones from the butterfly section back in the back (actually, just SOME of the ones from that section of the zoo... *sigh*... I'm a photo-taking junkie, and I need help). 
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Val said...

Love it. Missing you guys oodles!