Monday, June 11, 2012

Project Life 2012: week 18

I'm on to week 18 here people! This is progress! *giggle*

29 - Isaac had a lacrosse game. Also, I found this cabinet on the side of the road. Perfect!
30 - Lucas had a dentist appointment. Also today he brought home a Kindle Fire for me for my bday / early Mother's Day gift.
1 - No screens... Blockus! Our plants are growing!!
2 - Allergy shots, early dismissal, softball practice. Culvers spirit night! Yum!
3 - Lucas took Isaac to his lacrosse game while I did the gymnastics car pool. Busy night of sports!
4 - Lucas took the day off for his birthday. The drywall guy didn't show again. The kids got their new practice schedule for gymnastics ---> Bas is in the 10 hour group.
5 - Meagan's 1st softball game. She batted great and ran like a rock star. Also, we took Lucas to Logan's for his birthday dinner.



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