Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Camping Crazed with a touch of Olympic Fever

Well, it's not much of a post, but it's something... with a few pictures... so deal with it. *giggle*
(I'm taking a break from house work at the moment, but if I don't get back to it soon, I'll scrap it altogether, which would be bad for the goal of getting the house clean)

So, we've been talking about taking the kids camping this summer. We talked to them about the idea, and they were all on board... rather excited about it, in fact. So when Luc's parents came for Sebastian's birthday party a few weekends ago, they brought us their tent to borrow. This is the same tent they got when Lucas was 2 years old. Yes, 2. Which makes this tent 32. OLD. Especially in tent years. 

Lucas decided to set it up in the back yard to do a test run before we took it out into the wild. Good thing. One of the stake loops tore, and we had to use a big rock out of our yard to hold down one corner of the tent. And the seams were pulling apart in places (but seeing as we haven't had rain for EVER, that wasn't much of a concern for the night.   

The kids were SO excited to sleep out in the tent... they hauled their pillows and sleeping bags and stuffed animals and legos (yes, legos) out with them. And they snuggled in, as much as you can snuggle into an 8-person tent. Let's just say they had plenty of room. 

By 11:00 they had pretty much quieted down. By the time Lucas went out to crawl in with them at midnight, they were all sawing logs. HOWEVER, the zipper on the door had totally let go, and the door was hanging wide open. Instead of crawling in to sleep in the tent with them, we ended up hauling everyone out of the tent and back into the house. I guess 32 years is the useful life of the tent. But even with the tent bust, the kids had a blast! 

Since we now knew that the kids liked the idea of tent camping, but now also had no tent, we decided to purchase a new one. I found a Coleman 8-person on Amazon for a great deal! We bought it, and Lucas set it up for another back yard test run this past weekend (while I was busy working 2 concerts - Dave Matthews and Lady Antebellum). It's HUGE. It's green...*love*  It works great. We are ready to camp!
(You can't see the door in this picture because Lucas set it up facing the house. But I wanted to get a shot of how big it is.)

Today I made reservations for us to camp at a state park nearby. We'll be going soon.  Today the kids helped me make a plan for what food they want to eat while we're there. They're super excited! And so am I!

Besides the latest camping craze, Olympic fever is starting to set in around here. Olympic trials are this weekend for gymnastics, so of course the DVR is programmed and ready! Sebastian is stoked that there are 2 full hours of men's gymnastics scheduled to be televised. Seems to be quite a challenge to catch men's gymnastics on TV most of the time. And of course, Meagan is still Jordyn Wieber obsessed! I guess if she's going to idolize someone, Jordyn is a great girl to look up to and emulate.

We even got 'Olympic' cereal and pop tarts... two foods I would normally NOT buy for the kids - sugar cereal and pop tarts with sugar sprinkles (seriously??? I DOUBT the Olympians eat this crap). BUT... Jordyn's on the box. And the pop tarts are a treat. So we'll deal with it.

Look... the pop tarts are packaged in gold, and they're red, white & blue. Very fun.

So we will be watching this weekend, cheering for Jordyn, of course, and hoping the US can put together a strong gymnastics team. It would be so great to see them do well this year!!

Now, back to laundry and bathrooms... boo.

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