Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Swing

We are in the summer swing of things around here... all the summer camps and such are just getting started... and the kids have gotten their first sunburns already.

Did I tell you that BOTH boys want to play football this year? That means we will be doing lots of schedule juggling between 2 football games, 2 sets of practices, plus gymnastics thrown in (because remember, football season coincides with the beginning of competitive gymnastics season... eeep). Should be fun! Last week was the first of 2 football camps this summer. It was 'transitional camp' for grades 3-6, which focuses on fundamentals of offense and defense. Fun! Both of the boys LOVED it! Sebastian came home after he first night of camp and said, "Mom, now I don't know WHAT to do - college gymnastics or college football!!" I told him he had plenty of time to figure that out. *giggle*

Both of the boys practiced with the receivers on offense nights, and defensive backs on defense nights. They were full of stories about catching passes and having to back up fast (which was 'really hard'). Fun stuff! This coming week is another football camp that will be a week of 5-on-5 scrimmages to teach them how to move the ball. Nice.

Also this week, Sebastian gets his cello for strings, and he starts a 2-week strings camp to learn about his instrument and start learning to play. He is beyond excited about getting his cello!! He had to get a 1/2 size instrument because it's so big, and he's so not.

Tomorrow we go back to the doctor for more x-rays on Meagan's foot to see if she gets her boot off.  Keeping my fingers crossed because she has that thing torn up!!

And then next week is gymnastics camp. (So let's hope the boot comes off!)

Tonight Isaac has his lacrosse end-of-season party. They're doing a cook-out and scrimmage at a nearby park. Should be fun!


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Val said...

"College football or college gymnastics..." Love that kid! And a cello! Wow! Hug them all super super tight for us.xoxoxoxooxxo