Monday, June 11, 2012

June so far...

Okay, I THINK I don't hate blogging anymore. I THINK that by resetting my template format I have solved my formatting issues. Keeping my fingers crossed!

So let's try this!

Since I've been avoiding my blog like the plague, I have some catching up to do! How about a glance back at our June so far? It's been full, for sure!

June 2: We were getting bored at the house, so we made an impromptu trip to the zoo. I got us mildly lost because I sort of went the wrong way on one of the interstates (which will surprise none of you who know me well), but we made it and had a few hours in the evening to spend. It was cool and overcast, and since it was about 5:00 in the evening when we got there, it was uncrowded as well. Perfect viewing! The animals were active, and we could actually SEE them! Loved it!

The zoo has a new aviary exhibit. You can go inside the aviary where the birds are flying around... to be honest, it a little bit freaked me out. I wasn't thrilled with the ever-looming threat of getting poo'd on. And the birds were definitely not skittish enough for my liking. I had to get out. It was not my most favorite experience. However, the kids loved it!

By the time we left the zoo, it was late, and we were HUNGRY! We decided to drive until we found someplace we had never tried before. We landed at an Irish restaurant / pub. They had a live band going, and a menu that I couldn't quite decipher. I had to ask what a "rasher" was... it's like ham, apparently.

Meagan got a rootbeer and "drank it like a pirate" (she's a hoot!).

June 3: We got the kids slushies from Speedway. 

Then Lucas took the boys out on the deck and buzzed their hair off! Summer do's were definitely in order! 

Later that evening, I took Isaac to his lacrosse post-season party. They had an inter-team scrimmage then a cook out. Then played some more. 

June 4 - The start of cello for Sebastian. He has been counting down the days until he could get his cello. 

Also the start of football camp #2. Both boys went. However, we did get some info from the football league that indicated Sebastian can't do both football and gymnastics. The schedules are way to conflicting. He had to choose, and given the choice, he went with gymnastics. Bummed for sure. But still had a good time at football camp.

And if cello and football camp weren't enough, Sebastian also had his gymnastics banquet. It was at a local place that has put put and arcade games. He and some of his good buddies on team opted for put put. They didn't get to finish their game before the pizza was ready, but they had a great time anyhow. 

June 6: During football camp, Meagan and I hit the grocery. I found a grocery list app for my Kindle, and Meagan LOVES it! As we put things in the cart, she checks it off the list. Keeps her occupied and engaged, and saves me from hearing "I'm bored!!" Win, win!

June 6: Meagan got her boot off!!!!  This is like some seriously BIG news at our house! She did an honest happy dance in the doctor's office when he gave her the news. Weird thing is, the bone is still as broken as it was when she got the boot on, so I'm not sure why she is clear. But he wasn't concerned about it at all, so I guess we'll go with it. Since it has been off, she hasn't been bothered by it in the least. She's back to full go at gymnastics and is running around the house like a maniac when she's home.

June 7: Between cello and football camp, we passed the time at a park near the school.

There's a new piece of spinny equipment that is SUPER FUN. I even got on it with them. :)

Also, this day a friend of mine came over and spent the afternoon with me. She helped me nail down a definite plan for paint colors in the house. Now I'm super excited to start painting! I can't wait to see something other than white!!

June 9 - Isaac got his football equipment (pads, helmet, and mouth guard). He's ready to go!

And Sebastian had his first 4 hour gymnastics practice. He will practice every Saturday from 10:30 - 2:30. I sent him with a pack of pop tarts. Next time, I will send a small lunch... maybe peanutbutter sandwich and a piece of fruit or something. He enjoyed it! But the first thing he said was, "I'm SORE."  *lol*

Between all the running around for football equipment and gymnastics practice, the other 2 found time for good ol' summer fun... sprinklers baby!!

This is summer! 

Later that evening, friends of ours came over and hung out until late into the night. They headed home around 10:30 or so, with Meagan in tow. She went home with them and spent the night with their daughter G who is on her gymnastics team. They are buds!! 

June 10 - We met up with G and her mom and sister (and Meagan, of course) at Conner Prairie. It was a lot of fun for a while... until we all started MELTING. Hot is one word I can think of to describe the experience. But fun. 
In the Native American village, Isaac learned how to shave long pieces of wood (think small trees) to make into tools and spears. Very cool hands-on gig!

Meagan had a baby animal OBSESSION in the animal barn. 

And crafts. This was about the very last thing they were able to handle. We left right after crafts were done. Sometimes enough is enough. 

At home, Sebastian practiced for about an hour, and taught his dad a bit. 

June 11: Today we did almost nothing. Sebastian had cello this morning. Other than that, we were lazy blobs. I worked on Project Life (week 19). Meagan kept herself entertained with stickers from my stash. And the boys created a Lego war in Isaac's room. Total wreckage. Huge mess. Lots of fun! 

Tonight they watched Mr. Popper's Penguins, and they will be getting in bed early(ish). Tomorrow is day one of gymnastics camp. It runs for 6-ish hours. Tuesday through Friday. Long days. Must get sleep. 


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Your kids are so. incredibly. gorgeous. =) And YOU, my friend, are a wonderful photographer and one fun mom! I love living through you. Keep 'em coming! xoxoxoxo