Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Latest and Greatest in Bedtime Stall Tactics

After 8 years and one month of parenting, I am amazed that we still have moments where we think, 'That was new.' Tonight we had one of those moments.

Lucas and I were sitting down in the living room watching a special episode of Deadliest Catch when we heard little footsteps on the stairs. It was Meagan, out of bed and on her way down the stairs for the third time tonight. Before she hit the midway point, I called out to her to go back to bed. 'But Momma, I have a rhyme for you,' was her reply, and she came the rest of the way down to the living room. She came over to the couch and said, "Mommy, do deactivate and accelerate rhyme?'

'Deactivate and accelerate?' I repeat, I confess, a little dumbfounded. 'Yes, they rhyme.'

She made a victory fist and said, 'Yes! I knew it!' And then, with a little prompting, went back to bed.

That was random. Definitely the latest and greatest in bedtime stall tactics - at least it was one we have never seen before!

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