Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh Dreaded Day! :)

Today is the day that Sebastian has been dreading since the day Isaac was born. Today, Isaac is better - not just a little better, but a lot better - at something that Sebastian is. And to make matters worse, it's a Pokemon thing that Isaac is better at. Ouch. That hurts a boy!

After lunch, as I was just finishing up with kitchen clean-up, Isaac came inside looking all sad and down and said Sebastian was mad at him. So I called Sebastian in to see what was going on. Sebastian did his very very best 8-year-old impression of nonchalant, and he said, "Well, I just don't know how Isaac is already on place 3 in Pokemon and I'm still only on place 1. I just think it's kind of funny. I don't know how he is doing it." So I asked him if he thought Isaac was cheating and that's what he was upset about. "No, he's not cheating." I asked him if he was actually even mad at Isaac. "No, not mad really. I just don't know how he is doing that much better than me."

Yep. That's a tough one to take. Being outdone by little brother. I have a feeling, as they each discover what they're good at, what their gifts are, and as Isaac comes more and more into his own things instead of holding himself in Sebastian's shadow, there will be many more instances when Isaac excels at something Sebastian does not, and v/v. Only, when Sebastian does better, Isaac accepts it, because Sebastian, until today, has always done better, run faster, scored higher, known more - simply because he is older. Looks like Sebastian will have to learn to let his pride down a bit and learn to be happy for his brother. If he doesn't figure out how to do that, it could be a long 10 years ahead of them!

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