Saturday, July 18, 2009

Science Central

Yesterday we took a family day trip to Science Central in Ft. Wayne. As soon as we got there, we heard an announcement that they were getting ready to start a demonstration on electricity, so we headed there to see what they would do. Meagan and Sebastian volunteered and ended up helping with illustration.
When that was over, we went out into the main area, and the kids started playing with all the exhibits. That soon lead to scaling the wall and crawling through the sewer (which they did several times over, to the point where we finally had to tell them it was time to do something else).

We learned about everything from magnets to light to color spectrum to the physics of skateboarding. We had a water fight (with water guns that were contained in a box, so we hit each other in the face but no one ever got kind of water fight!). We laughed histerically in the fun house mirrors!

We stayed for about 3 hours, maybe a little longer. That was about all their attention spans could take. Sebastian and Lucas could have stayed forever I think, but Isaac & Meagan were fading...probably could have kept them going if we would have gone back to the center for kids 7 & under, but it was almost closing time by then, and I was feeling ready to go too. So we headed back to Grandma & Grandpa's to get ready for dinner. It was a good day, and something new and different.

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