Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I love seeing my daughter look through books and imagine the stories the pictures are telling (since she's only 4 and can't yet read, she often makes up her own stories). I have always been a big reader, and I love the possibilities that a book can bring.

This picture was taken the day of Sebastian's birthday party. I took about 10 of these pictures of Meagan just sitting and reading her book. I love them. I love the expressions on her face, and the lighting, and her cute little dress - everything. I got this idea for a layout, and, although I tried to be good and do responsible things, I just kept coming back to it and doing a little bit here & there. I finally finished it this afternoon during 'nap time.'

(There are lots of credits. If you are interested in what products I used, this link will take you to credits posted on the internet. )

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