Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4 New Pages

I've been a little bit of a slacker posting layouts as I finish them. I thought I would get caught up. I think I have 4 new pages since I last posted a layout.

This one is another layout I did for a friend of their pictures of their Spring Break trip to Florida this year. Again, I think I may end up swapping out photos and changing up the title a bit so that I can use this layout in my own album as well. Love that! I used a bunch of stuff by Sahlin Studios for this one.

I love this picture of Sebastian taken on his birthday. It just makes me smile. I can't help but look at him and see hope for a bright future. He has so much potential, and I know God has big dreams for him. The journaling reads: 'happy birthday sweet boy. eight years old today! what is it your heart wishes for? i wish for you a life of joy & passion, a life of love & selflessness. i wish to see you truly happy in whatever you do & to see you doing the very thing you were created for. you have such amazing potential. Never settle for less than your best & you will wake up one day to find you are right in the middle of all you have wished for.'

This layout was a quick one I threw together using a Sahlin Studios template. Just a few pictures of Meagan from a few weeks ago. As you can tell, she is climbing the tree in our back yard. The journaling reads: 'What a difference a year can make. Last year you could barely get yourself up on the low fork of the tree trunk. This year you're climbing and hanging from the branches.'

Finally, this layout I did for the latest digi dare. The dare is to scrap something chaotic about my life. The most chaotic part of my life, believe it or not, tends to take place in my own head. I just get so overwhelmed by all the details of daily life that sometimes I get paralyzed by it... you know, too much to do, so I do nothing. It has really been an ongoing struggle for me. The one thing that brings me back to center, clears my mind, and calms me is time with God. The journaling reads: 'My mind fills up with so many things - small things, big things, daily tasks & schedules - details of life. I struggle to keep my head clear, to keep it all straight. It's not long before the sense of being overwhelmed sets in, and I am once again in an inner storm. I am unable to calm this storm on my own. It is too big for me to manage. But You speak softly, and the storm subsides. The waves diminish and peace returns. I am left with nothing to do but thank You for Your faithfulness & grace. You are my peace and my joy.'

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