Sunday, June 28, 2009

Measure of a Great Dress

In life we measure a lot of things, starting with measuring weight at birth, percentage of growth, height at yearly check-ups, and so on. We measure success. We measure happiness. But did you know you can measure a dress? Not measure it, as in dimensions, but rather in the sense of value-adding quality of the dress. Yes, it's true. Although we may forget it as we grow older, every little girl knows that the measure of a truly great dress all comes down to one factor - how far out it flies when the wearer spins in circles like a princess.

Today, Meagan has on one of the best dresses ever. It flies all the way straight out to the sides when she spins. It even has matching bloomers to go under it, so that the exceptional spinning doesn't reveal anything inappropriate. On the scale of dress measurement, this one is a 10, and she is one happy little girl.

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