Monday, June 1, 2009

Today's theme: LATE

It's Monday.

7:20 am - woke up (20 minutes later than the latest I can wake up and still be on time... translation - RUNNING LATE).

8:10 am - boys on the bus, I FINALLY get in the shower.

8:55 - leave to drop Meagan off at preschool & head to work

9:10 - drop Meagan off at preschool (10 minutes late... mathematically, I suppose you could say I've made up 10 minutes, right? just trying to find the bright side! lol!)

9:15 - Arrive at work (oops, I've lost 5 minutes again, since I made the choice to stop and get some tea and trail mix for breakfast)

2:10 pm - after working through the morning, our staff meeting, and then one other meeting with another lady, I FINALLY grab lunch for about 10 minutes... then back to work so I can finish up... have to leave early today.

3:25 pm - leave to make a bank run and pick the boys up from school so we can attempt to get to Isaac's dr. appointment on time...we'll see...

3:45 pm - school lets out... I'm still waiting in a LOOOONNNGGG line of cars full of parents waiting to pick up their kids... I could be here a while.

3:55 pm - the boys FINALLY get in the car and get buckled... I'm back to being behind schedule

4:30 pm - arrive at the chiropractor (again, 10 minutes late)

5:00 pm - leave the chiropractor

5:30 pm - pick Meagan up from pre-school

5:45 pm - Burger King drive-thru for dinner (at this point, Isaac's game starts in 15 minutes... pretty sure we'll be late to that too)

5:50 pm - sit down and scarf dinner. Not the greatest, but I thank God we're not starving, eat it and move on.

6:05 - Lucas leaves with Isaac & Meagan to go to Isaac's baseball game.

6:10 - Sebastian and I run to Wal-Mart to pick up snacks for his baseball game (which starts at 7:00).

7:00 - we arrive at Sebastian's game just in time for the game to start. Finally, not late for something today!

8:30 - Pull in the driveway after what has felt like the day that would never end.

8:45 - Sebastian finishes his shower, and everyone is finally ready for bed.

9:00 - I decide to go out for a quick attempt at a run... (I didn't do too badly, considering I haven't run since right before I found out I was pregnant with Meagan... yes, it's been 4+ years. My legs currently feel like jell-o, but I'm doing okay!)

10:10 - finish blogging, take a shower, and fall into bed. Will try to get up by 7:00 tomorrow! :)

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