Saturday, June 20, 2009

Party 'til you drop!

Thank you all for your prayers. Sebastian felt much better on Friday and was able to enjoy himself on his birthday. He was still experiencing a bit of a headache, and was slightly down, but no fever, and generally feeling better.

For the most part on Friday, we hung around at Grandma and Grandpa's house and took it easy. The kids played, and rested, and just enjoyed being with family. We went to Bob Evan's for a birthday dinner - with Grandma & Grandpa, Shane & Tina. The kids each got an ice cream sundae for desert for a birthday treat.

After dinner, we went back to the house and let Sebastian open his family gifts.

Today was the party. Lucas grilled burgers and hot dogs, and lots of family came to hang out. I love big family events. I love having everyone together and catching up with people I hardly get to see. I love that my kids get to spend time and hang out with cousins and friends. It makes the travel way more than worth it!

After lunch, the kids swam for quite a while before we did the cupcakes and gifts and all that jazz. There were about 15 kids and 50 rafts/floaties in the pool at one point! Very funny watching them all! I think there was a constant flow of splashing from kids jumping in or falling off of rafts. There was definitely not a dry spot on the deck, but it was fun watching them!

Eventually, we took a break from swimming for cake and ice cream, gifts, and pinatas. There were two pinatas (1 for Sebastian and 1 for his cousin who has a birthday near his), so we split them up in a boys' line and a girls' line. The lines were pretty even, but the girls busted their pinata with basically one hit for each girl. On Meagan's second swing, all the candy came crashing to the ground. The girls hit the candy jackpot, and all went racing to the candy pile, while all the boys could do was watch (and wait for the girls to get out of the way). When the girls' pile was finally cleared out, we got back to the action for the boys, thinking they would have theirs busted in a few more hits... NOPE! They each took easily five or six turns (probably five or six boys). We even let the girls hop in and take a few swings each, since their pinata broke so quickly. Finally, after about 60 or so smacks, the thing broke. We all got quite a laugh out of the whole thing - definitely fun!

The only glitch in the whole day came after the party was over. Everyone else had gotten out of the pool (for the second round of swimming, after pinatas and such). At that point, only Isaac and Meagan were left in the pool, so I told them it was time to get out. I had already gotten out, gotten dressed in my regular clothes again, and was ready to get stuff cleaned up and put away. So, Meagan hopped out and headed down to the lower deck to dry off. Isaac was still in the pool, so I asked him to swim around and get the rest of the floats out for me before he got out. As he was handing me floaties, I was putting them in the net at the back of the deck.
He gave me a few bigger floats, so I took them to the back corner and took a few seconds to get them situated in the already-full net. When I turned back around to get another bunch from him, Meagan was back in the water - no floaties - in the middle of the pool - and going under! She was swimming and kicking with all her might, but she just wasn't able to stay above water. Obviously there was no question - in I went, fully dressed, to retrieve my child. She was perfectly fine - a little upset to have ingested so much pool water (plus she DOES NOT like having water in her eyes). Otherwise, fine. When I asked her why she got back in the pool without her floaties, she said she just wanted to help Isaac get the toys out. I'm still trying to figure out how she got into the water in stealth mode because I didn't have my back turned for long (especially since Isaac was still in the water). Thankfully I didn't have my back turned for long! Needless to say, I had to change my clothes after that.
All in all, we had a great day! I think we're all a little tired - I know the kids are, and I am certainly feeling the desire for a nice soft bed! It was a good day for a party!

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