Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boxed In

Help! We're trapped in here... under all these boxes!

Seriously, though... Moving went well. Unloading was smooth, and they were out of here by 3:45. Now we are left to all the unpacking and sorting. Finding that an extra 600 square feet and a finished basement doesn't always mean extra room... not sure yet how that translates? Oh well. We'll figure it all out. I've spent ALL afternoon / evening trying to solve the Rubik cube-like challenge of fitting everything into the kitchen cabinets. If I can just get the tupperware containers stuffed away somewhere, I will be calling it a night.

I promise, I have pictures and stuff. I'm just way too tired to mess with them right now. So I will blog out of chronological order by posting pics days later... and you will still love me. For now, back to cabinet stuffing. And then maybe a little '24' on Netflix before completely crashing. 'Night.

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