Monday, June 14, 2010

Bright and Early

Bright and early this morning, the movers were at our house for packing day. Our front porch is currently full of packing supplies - boxes, paper rolls, packing tape. Our kitchen is EMPTY (which I don't entirely mind, as it means NO cooking for me for the next few days!.... only problem is, it also means no snacks, no drinks since there are no cups in the cabinets... hmmm... maybe i could have thought through that a bit more on the front side? oh well).

Anyhow. Kitchen is empty. Basement is packed up. Living room and Meg's room are currently in progress. So far today, we've had McDonalds for breakfast and Wendy's for lunch. We may need to detox after this is all said and done. The kids have already ridden their cars/trucks/jeeps in circles around the house until the batteries wore out. Now the boys are playing DS, and Meagan is snuggled up on the couch feeling a little crabby.

Everything is in a bit of disarray, but I am resting on the fact that it is temporary! The OCD in me is struggling a bit at the moment :) Tomorrow or Wednesday will be load-the-truck day. Then we head out. Bittersweet. But I am very much looking forward to the new home, the new adventure, and the return of the sense of being settled. Just a few days.... I can see the light!

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