Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today's Adventure

After a conversation yesterday morning with the registrar at the new school, I realized that I was short one birth certificate - specifically Meagan's. I checked online to see what I would need to do to get said birth certificate. Three choices: 1) standard request - return time 6+ weeks, 2) expedited request - return time 4-6 weeks, 3) in-person request - return time same day. Seeing as registration is required prior to the 4-6 week time frame, I thought option three sounded like the way to go.

Unfortunately, that meant a day trip. So, today we loaded up DS's, Leapsters and the DVD player, a few dragons, dinosaurs, and stuffed animals, and we headed north. We had to go to downtown Lansing to the Office of Vital Statistics (nice name) to make our request. Other than having a bit of a tough time finding the little side street the building was on, it went rather smoothly. We were in and out within five minutes to make the request. A two-hour wait, so we decided to leave, go get lunch, do some running, and then come back. So we had lunch at Red Robin, did a few errands, visited with a few friends in the area, and then went back to pick up her birth certificate. Again, in and out in less than five minutes. Love that! Every government office should be so efficient!

It was funny, I hadn't been in a downtown mid-day setting in quite some time. All the people in their suits, walking fast, talking on cell phones with coffee in their hands. Ahhh, sigh of relief, I don't miss that at all. It was a good reminder of how blessed I am to be sporting a mini-van and hauling kiddos. Wouldn't change it for the world!

Anyhow, we had a safe, uneventful trip. Ordered pizza for dinner, and it's gonna be an early bedtime for the kids, as they are a little edgy.

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