Saturday, June 26, 2010

Check Some Off the List

Well, tonight we checked a few things off of our summer list already! We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant that we've never tried - 2 things off the list (Go Out for Mexican, Try a New Restaurant). Afterward, we spent almost 2 hours wandering through Bass Pro Shop. At first the kids weren't so excited about the idea of going to a 'hunting store' but once we got there, it was like the adventure of a lifetime. They had a ball exploring and seeing what they could find. The whole evening was going wonderfully!.... until a crossbow fell on Isaac's head. No kidding. He was in the middle of the aisle, looking at the animal tracks on the floor, when a bow fell of the display and slid right down the left side of him. He has a big goose egg on the side of his head and scrapes on his arm. The employees who were nearby nearly apologized me to death! They kept asking me if I wanted to file any paperwork, or if there was anything they could do for us. Lucas said later I should have tried to get a new gun out of the deal. LOL. He's such a goofball. In all serious, though, Isaac is fine. Nothing he couldn't have done on his own. By the time he got home, he had totally forgotten about it and had moved on to other things. No worries.

Although Meagan was getting very tired and crabby toward the end, the general consensus is that we should go there again. They have a free family summer camp on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We may look into that this week. Could be fun!

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