Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Too Packed?

Well, the movers have come and gone for the day. Got the whole house packed in one day. Nice! So tomorrow morning they'll be back to finish the stragglers - like the bedding, the laundry supplies that we were still using as of 5:00 this evening. Once the stragglers are tucked away, they'll load the truck. As long as all goes well, they will be delivering our stuff to the new house on Wednesday. Yea!!!

So here's the thing.... they told us first thing this morning that whatever was on the beds they would not pack... so the beds are like a "safe-zone." Sure, makes sense. So, we started loading up the beds with stuff we needed to keep out for tonight and tomorrow. What I did NOT realize, however, was that somewhere in the mix of the day, our actual PILLOWS made their way off of the bed and onto the floor. We made this discovery tonight as we were clearing out the "safe-zone" and straightening out the blankets to get ready to actually lay down and crash. "Where are the pillows?" Lucas asked. As we are both fairly exhausted, it took a short moment for either of us to realize that the pillows must be safely tucked away in one of the many boxes stacked around the house.

Instantly, we both looked at the pile of stuff we had just cleared off the bed to see what might be useful for pillows. Jackpot!! In a laundry basket of kids stuff, there were some pillows and stuffed animals that had been set aside. My brat of a husband calls shot-gun, so to speak, for the only semi-normal looking pillow thing in there. "I get the monkey pillow!" Crap! That leaves me with Pikachu (a little 10x10 throw pillow) and a stuffed husky dog. Oh well, I guess we'll make it through the night. And live to laugh about it another day.

As for now, I don't care what I sleep on, as long as sleep is involved. This time tomorrow, we should be settling in for a (good) night of sleep in our new house!!

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Anonymous said...

The best part about all of that is that you didn't have to do any of the packing or moving!! That's AWESOME!!! Have fun getting settled! Can't wait to see pics of the new casa!!