Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some Girly Layouts to Share

I've had to steal scrapping time here and there after kids' bedtimes and between painting and projects. So even though I've been semi-productive, it doesn't seem like it because it has been so pieced together. Anyway, it completely slipped my mind to post them here once I was finished with them. Here goes. Two layouts, both girly ones. Actually, both are pictures from Meagan's birthday party last month. I promise to work on some boy layouts soon... I hope.

Journaling: You got this costume for your birthday, and you ran and played in it all day on the day of your party. I love that you felt so special on your special day. Plus, I love that I got a few precious pictures of you.

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Journaling: This is Meagan's friend who lives by Grandma and Grandpa H. They don't play together often, but when they do they have a blast. It's fun for Meg to have a girl her age to run and play with and just be girly. With 2 big brothers in the house, she doesn't get much of that. Whenever she does get 1-on-1 girl time, she just eats it up.

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