Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I think some of the most precious gifts I am given as a mommy are the funny, unexpected conversations I get to have with the kids, or the things I get to overhear.

The other day, Meagan had been playing out side with our little neighbor boy... we'll call him BB. It's important to know that the very first time we ever met BB, he declared to me that he was (is) in love with Meagan. He has decided he is going to marry her, and she, apparently, has decided she will also marry him. It's also worth mentioning that Meagan has never paid attention to boys pre-BB. She has never given it a though. Sure, she has had the little girl "I'm a princess and I'm going to grow up and marry a prince and be a mommy, yadda yadda" but nothing related to a specific boy... until now. But the two of them remain totally infatuated with each other. Besides that, they also just play really well together. So it kinda works out I guess.

Anyway, the other day, they had been playing outside together for quite some time. She had to come inside for a rest / movie down-time. After it was over, she ran up to her room, got her necklace out of her drawer and put it on. Then she put on her very fanciest white dress shoes. She even checked her hair in the mirror. Then she went running out the front door, full of excitement.

But she stopped dead in her tracks on the front sidewalk. She just stood there and stared over at their empty driveway, which meant that BB and his mom were not home. Her head drooped, her shoulders slumped. She looked utterly devastated.

"What's the matter?" I asked her.

With a sigh she replied, "I was going to get married today." Then she moped off toward the garage.

Well, we needed to run a few errands, so I loaded the kids up in the van. Meagan was still feeling a bit sad (it really had only been a few minutes though, and she can be drama for quite a while when she wants to). I buckled her in, got in the driver's seat, and started to back out of the garage. Then a tiny, sweet little voice says, "Momma, I was going to ask you.... When I grow up, and after I get married, can I have one of your rings, because I don't have a ring for being married."

"Sweetheart, when you are old enough to get married, we'll talk about the ring." That seemed to be enough for her, and she forgot about it for the rest of the night.

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