Saturday, July 23, 2011


Today was filled with sleeping in, eating a big brunch, lazing around the house, going to football orientation, and eating again. That pretty much sums up our day. It was great! Great to have the kids back and to hear their thoughts on life. I had forgotten how much fun they are and what great perspective they can bring to our otherwise way too grown-up lives. We already have a mess in the floor of tinker toys that Meagan has dumped but not picked up. Life is back to normal. Everything is as it should be.

Sometimes, and more often lately than usual, I have these thoughts about my life - like my life is small and boring and insignificant. Like I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. The opposite of extraordinary. I cook two meals a day, sometimes three. I clean countless messes. Some days I don't even leave my house - hows that for having no impact on the outside world? And I wonder if I should be satisfied with such a plain and ordinary life.

But then I have days like today. And I take a look at the alternative. And I realize that all the things I would have to give up to live any other kind of life are all the things I could never live without in a million lifetimes. So what, then, would be the point of a grand and extraordinary life without all the parts of life that give it meaning?

And then I know that this is the best life for me. And I am really, truly happy with that.

The end.


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