Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The High Price of Freedom

Life is slowly finding its way back to normal, although with the schedule we have for the next few weeks, 'normal' may not fully return until August. At any rate, I spent a bit of time catching up on getting layouts posted this morning. Here's one to share with you. I did this for this week's dare... still a few days to play along!


journaling: "the unfortunate truth of freedom is that it comes at a great cost. liberty cannot be enjoyed without the sacrifice of those who believe in it so strongly. we then, as the recipients of such freedom, should do all we can do to remember and honor the price paid by so many.
as we sat on the field in the midst of this historic fort waiting for the fireworks display to start, we couldn't help but wonder what those men who once fought here might think of our current-day customs. i'm sure it never crossed their minds that one day people would gather in this field for recreation, to bask in the liberty so often taken for granted, and to intentionally send bombs into the sky for fun."

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Hope you had a lovely 4th! We did! We did NOT get to see an organized fireworks display as I had hoped, but we DID get to see lots of homespun fireworks shows going off all over the place around us. Everywhere we looked there were sparkles lighting the night sky. We sat out and watched them all until about 10:00 when the mosquitoes got too bad to stand. Blech.

We had friends over for dinner. He grew up somewhere around where we grew up. She is from Peru. She had the joy of being introduced to poppers last night. The kids (and the big boys) had a great time blasting each other - and, well, anyone else who got in the vicinity - with handfuls at a time. Pop pop pop pop!! Good fun. And sparklers. Of course the sparklers! Good times! I'm so thankful for the freedom we are blessed with. So thankful for the joy of sitting out on our deck and enjoying nights like that with friends and family.

So thankful.


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