Saturday, July 30, 2011

Medals, Movies & Memorable Moments

The last few days have been full of fun! And lots of little moments that I don't want to forget.

Almost every week at gymnastics, Meagan's coach has the girls try to climb the BIG rope. Once they get to the top of the rope and ring the bell that's up there, they get a medal for it (a la the medal she got not too long ago for doing straddle holds). Wednesday was her class. She tried her hardest, but didn't get any further than she normally gets, which is about 3/4 of the way up.
BUT, Thursday she had a make-up class, so she got another try at the rope. And this time, SHE MADE IT! All the way up. And rang the bell! It was SUCH a big deal to her! And she was super excited about earning yet another medal!

It's a little hard to tell how high this is in these pictures... Just keep in mind that I'm sitting on the 2nd story taking this picture, and she is over my head here.

Sebastian has been loving his new level in gymnastics and is super excited about the possibility of team this competitive season! Rings and high bar tend to be his favorites, although he really enjoyed P-Bars this week also. I think the day he comes home from practice and tells me that pommel horse was his favorite thing, I may fall over from shock! He's not such a fan of that event, but his love for the rest seems to make up for it.
I got a few pics of him at practice this week, but almost all of them have other kids obstructing the view (or parents who walked right in front of me just as I snapped the photo... sigh). I did manage to get this one and was able to crop the other kid out well enough.

Yesterday I took the kids to one of the theaters here in town that has a free kids' movie program going on this summer. This week they showed Nannie McPhee Returns. Cute movie. They had a great time. Plus we ate popcorn for breakfast (not the best breakfast choice, as I got a bit of a stomach ache from it, but they loved it!).

We also went to the lake for some swimming time yesterday afternoon. I learned from previous attempts, and we took dry clothes with us to change there after we swam... thus leaving the pile of sand and stones in the locker room rather than all over my carpet. Worked like a charm!

Besides all of that, we've just had some great every-day ordinary moments this week... like playing in the sprinkler. Meagan drug all her pet shop animals out to the front yard and sat in the "rain" playing Littlest Pet Shop.
And Isaac, well, Isaac did this....

Summer is good.
Summer is almost over.
School is just around the corner.


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