Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Friday!

Today my quiet week with no kids comes to an end... and I couldn't be more relieved. It is just TOO quiet around here without little voices to break the silence. Grandma and Grandpa are bringing them back sometime today - probably later in the evening, so I still have one more quiet day to try to get some things done. But I am so excited to see them!

In my quiet time this week, I've done a lot of reading, and a lot of thinking. I guess I didn't realize how difficult it is to actually sit and let thoughts run free when there are kids around. So that has been therapeutic I guess you could say. And interesting. Without going into anything whatsoever, I can just say that I think I feel a shift in the direction of a few things. Think maybe I have some ideas for the next few years. Interesting. Exciting! I will just have to be super disciplined to pull it off. Self-discipline and I don't always play well together. Guess it's time to learn.


Other than my cryptic-ness and ramblings, I do have something a little more concrete to share with you today. I have a few layouts that I haven't shown you yet.

First, for today's Digi Dare (the new dare will be posted a little later on this evening, so if it's not up yet, check back)...
This is Meagan and her neighborhood buddy playing in the cars out in front of our house. They were so grown up about driving down the road... until it came time to rear end each other, or spin out, or ramp curbs. That stuff was a little less grown-up. But still fun! These cars have definitely been put to good use by my kids through the years.

Second, some pictures from our trip to Salt Fork State Park a few weeks ago. We went swimming in the lake - yes, I even got in, although not for very long. As much as I love to swim, I love to read more, and there was a book on the shore calling my name.
(Click here to view full credits).

And finally, a layout I threw together using a Sahlin Studio template. This is Meagan right after she got her vanity. Grandma H. refinished an old vanity that she had in her basement and gave it to Meagan for her new bedroom at the new house. You could tell just by watching her that Meagan felt super grown-up and special. She sat in front of the mirror and just brushed and brushed her hair. For the girl who HATES to brush her hair, that was something to see!


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