Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank You Shrek...

Actually, thank you Charming, for breathing new life into a 'classic' with your kareoke rendition of Right Said Fred.

My kids were dancing around today singing 'I'm too sexy for my shirt.' They laughed and told me Charming was singing that at the end of Shrek, but they didn't know why. I thought it only right to give credit where credit is really due, so I dug up this lovely tidbit... straight out of my childhood.

No way are my kids going to go through life giving Charming credit for something as world-changing as that little diddy. They watched the whole video, with their eyebrows raised and their mouths hanging slightly open... of course a giggle or two here and there. At the end of it, the boys said, "Okay, that was a little weird." And Meagan said, "Mom, SEXY means you don't like something, right?"



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