Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Guy

I went to church today.
I saw this guy perform. ------> Jon McLaughlin
I cried.
His song was A.MA.ZING. Really, I cried.

Did you know he was Oscar-nominated for a little song he wrote for Disney's Enchanted, called So Close? (If you click on that link & watch the video... or if you watch the movie... that's him singing it on stage.)

And then he talked, and his heart for God is so real and so passionate. Even in the midst of all of his success. What a beautiful thing.

And then he sang again.
And I teared up... although didn't full-out cry. But his songs are just beautiful, and he performs then so genuinely. And gives God so much credit.

September 10th he will be performing near our home with the Indianapolis Symphony. I want to go. Really. Even if it IS a football game night - like a really important football game night. I still want to go.

If you're anywhere even remotely near Indy area (Fishers, actually), you should consider checking this out. All of the proceeds of the program will go to help homeless and run-away youths in the inner-city Indy area.

Just thought I'd share.


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