Monday, January 5, 2009

Morning Conversations

This morning on the way to preschool, Meagan and I had some funny conversations. The first one was one of those moments when I had to just choose not to argue with her, even though she was REALLY wrong...LOL! She was getting so frustrated with me, because she was CERTAIN she was right!
  • When she first started school, I wrote her name on the inside of her lunchbox (although, apparently, not very well). Well, she was checking it out today in the van, and she said, "Mom, I know how to spell my middle name! H.I.L.J.I.M.Y. Hiljimy. LOL!!!! I just could NOT convince her that (a) it's her last name, not her middle name, and (b) there is no JIMY anywhere in her name. Finally, I had to just let it go. She'll figure it out some day!

Then, when we finally got to school, I was walking in with her. They had put salt rock down on the sidewalk, thanks to our lovely weather. She paused and examined a pile of salt for a second, then said, "Hey, Mom, look. It's snow crumbs. I've never seen snow crumbs before!" She is just too funny sometimes!

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