Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend recap

Well, the DS is a hit...even with Mommy & Daddy (I admit we've been caught playing DS after the kids go to bed)! Meagan and I went to Wal-Mart and picked out games - Pokemon Ranger, Tinkerbell, and Zelda. The boys are loving is Meagan, although she requires some one-on-one help, since she can't read what's going on.

Sebastian went to Abby's birthday party on Saturday - rollerskating! I dropped him off, but ended up going back about an hour into the party. I stayed for the rest, and watched and hung out...for moral support, I guess you could say. Can I just say that I DID NOT earn my mother of the year award from my behavior at that party... I LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY! The kid has NO skating skills! He would literally take one and a half strides and crash to the ground...sometimes forward, sometimes backward, sometimes sprawled in every direction (the best laughs came in the moments when he sprawled out and took down the crowd of people around him). My side hurt, and my cheeks were burning from smiling and laughing by the end of the party. (Let's just say, the next day he was definitely sore!)

I will say he got better as the time passed. And he just kept at it, no matter how many times he fell. He just laughed and got back up. I never saw him even show a hint of discouragement, and for that, I was very proud of him. He had such a great attitude the whole time! I loved it!

All in all, he really enjoyed himself. He was the only boy at the party (none of the others who were invited were able to make it I guess), but he was relieved to see that there were other boys at the skating rink, so that was good for him.

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