Saturday, January 17, 2009

Diamond Date

At some point this afternoon, Meagan realized that the birthday party this evening was only for the boys, and that she was not invited. She was crushed, poor thing! She started crying, and just couldn't understand why she couldn't go with her brothers.

So, we made a date. For Christmas, she got a Barbie movie (that we've watched countless times in the past 2 weeks), and it has a little outtake from another Barbie movie - Barbie & the Diamond Castle...which, of course, has only made her want to see the castle movie. So, this afternoon while I was at the grocery, I bought the Diamond Castle, and some grapes, Chex Mix and frozen pizzas (all the makings of a Meagan meal), and we had ourselves a date (Daddy included). She was ecstatic! It was her special movie, with undivided attention from Mommy & Daddy. She didn't even give a thought to the party she wasn't at. She was having her very own party at home. Very fun! I love doing that kind of's not often that we get to do one-on-one stuff with any of the kids, so when we do get the chance, I LOVE it!

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