Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Princess

Meagan has developed quite an attachment to our Christmas tree skirt! She has been wearing it around the house for 2 days now, and tonight was no exception. She put it on almost as soon as we got home, and didn't take it off until bedtime. She spun around the kitchen, dancing to my ipod. Once, when she thought I wasn't in the room and wasn't looking, I caught her taking bows after her dance song was over. She is quite the performer! She blushed a little when she realized I saw her, but she kept on bowing...can't disappoint the audience, you know! And, as if the fancy flowing skirt wasn't enough, she dug out her "white princess shoes" to complete the ensemble. She is something else!

And while it all looks very cute and girly, you should have seen her in her skirt and "princess shoes" the moment she had Isaac pinned to the ground stomping and wailing on him with both fists... or the next moment when she was standing with her nose in the corner (but at least she looked cute in the corner, because she had on her best skirt!).

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Anonymous said...


Cute, cute and more cute.
She is just so awesome.

Love to all,