Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Photo Day

I mentioned that the weekend before last we spent some time with family. Mike had arranged for everyone - all of the siblings, spouses, and kids - to get together for a family photo and a day of fun. Although my little sis and her family weren't able to make it due to a sick baby, we all still had a blast together! Okay, so the portrait portion of the day may have been a bit chaotic! Eight adults, 9 kids, not an easy picture to get. BUT, after the pictures were over, the kids were set loose to run and play on the water slide, run through the sprinkler, and splash in the pond. Kids and water on a hot day = lots of fun!

Yes, I took my fair share of pictures that day. Here are a FEW :)

So far, I have 3 layouts done from those pictures.

First one, just a simple layout of the pics of Lucas and me together. We don't have many of those, since I'm usually the one behind the camera.

Journaling: A fun day with family. A fun day with each other! I love that we finally have a few new snapshots of us together!

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Second layout, my beautiful niece, Delaney. She is just completely precious!

Journaling: What a little cutie sliding down the slide at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Delaney reminds me of Meagan... no fear.

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And finally, HOW could I resist scrapping all those fun and crazy water slide pictures? I still plan on putting together a second page to go next to this one to highlight some more photos. There were just too many to fit all on one page!

Journaling: June 11, 2010 - Part of the family get-together / portrait day was a big blow-up water slide! Not only was it fun to slide down the dual slides, but you had the added bonus of playing with cousins you don't get to see very often! Cole, Colby, & Brock played and laughed along with you as you all created new & adventurous ways to slide down! Love all the laughter! Love a great day with family! I hope we all grow closer now that we're closer to home!

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