Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today Was Good. Today Was Fun. Tomorrow Is Another One.

(Name that Dr. Seuss book Kelli! That always reminds me of your baby shower... LOL)


Let me start by saying, I did NOT, in fact, even begin to TOUCH the laundry. Not even a teeny tiny bit. There is always tomorrow.

Now, on to the good stuff...

This morning, as you already know (if you read my last post, that is), we had doctor appointments. Technically, new patient appointments for the boys. However, it turned into ankle injury follow-up / new patient / vaccines all-around. Now everyone is up-to-date and all caught up on all shots for school... did I mention school is only a few days away??

Isaac was referred to a specialist for a final opinion on the ankle. Surprisingly, the specialist got us in TODAY. Which meant, after our appointment, we got lunch, picked up a bit, played a bit, and then headed back to the medical park for another doctor visit. The specialist gave us good news! He put Isaac in an air cast for a few weeks... no crutches... he can bear weight, just no running, jumping, etc. We go back for a follow-up (and hopefully a final visit, as I'm sure we are all feeling quite done with doctors at the moment) in a few weeks. Yay! Good stuff!

We came home, kids played, we did dinner, then we headed out. We went to see Despicable Me at the theater tonight. Kids laughed hysterically. There were some laugh-out-loud parts. It was a cute movie really. I'm glad they had fun. PLUS, I got one of my tickets free, so you gotta love that!

Really planning on addressing my laundry issue. Tomorrow.

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