Friday, July 2, 2010

First Friday

I happened to come across some information online the other day about a First Friday celebration being held downtown. Apparently the first Friday of the month is cause for celebration...??? Okay, I'll go along. I figured at least it was a free thing to do with the kids, and we could get a little more familiar with the downtown area, since we haven't had much cause for visiting the actual downtown so far. It was advertised as an all-evening event, ending at 9:00. So we weren't in any big rush to get there. We had dinner, played outside a bit, and then headed out. We got to the festival just a little before 8:00. While there was still some activity, it was clear that some of the booths were making plans to close up around 8:00. So as far as actual festival activities, we didn't participate in much. We did get sno-cones, and the kids got to do a few art projects at one of the booths, which they really enjoyed.

Besides that, we just walked through the streets and took in the sites. I just kept thinking to myself, "Do I really live here?" I think I am very much at risk for getting my heart all wrapped around this little (or not-so-little) community. It just feels like home. If / when the day comes that we face another move, I may need more than one of you to give me a hug and let me cry on your shoulder. But we'll get to that if it ever happens. I'm still drying my eyes from saying goodbye to my last home-town.
Anyway, I guess I got a bit off track there...
We came to the end of the 'downtown' area, which ends at the riverfront. Seeing as our kids are drawn to water, we had little choice but to get as close as possible to the edge of the river. Meagan led the charge. I tried to keep a slow pace, stopping to take in a bit of the scenery along the way. Beautiful. Really.

This is a look back through the main street of downtown. We were standing in the plaza that leads down to the river looking back at where we had just come from.
The little plaza... a statue of a notable local historical feature is at the center of the plaza, along with info on how this area was settled, and so on.

A very sweet couple offered to take a picture of all of us together. We started talking, and apparently they have the same photo phenomenon that we have - she is missing from all of their pictures. Funny how that happens. May not be world's greatest picture, but I am always thankful for a photograph of all five of us.
Funny thing, as we were talking to this couple, he started telling us a bit of history about the area as well. He said that as they were building the retaining wall along the river, they actually had to stop building and put the bushes and so forth back, because they had run into Native American burial ground. Just an interesting bit of info I thought.

Our little adventurer is always several steps ahead of us... so I have lots of pictures of her running away. LOL.

Just looking down over the water.

The long climb back up to ground level...
On our way out, we happened to come across the face-painting table. The girls there were more than happy to paint the kids' faces up for them before we left. What more could a kid ask for?
Meagan was a kitty....
Isaac was an Indian...
and Sebastian was a tiger...
I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed myself as much as I did, since we got there so late and all. I think next month, we'll return to downtown to celebrate the first Friday. Apparently it IS cause for celebration. Only, I think we'll go a bit earlier next time!

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