Friday, July 30, 2010


Did I mention that, for our trip to Chicago, we did NOT print out any maps because we were going to have the Garmin with us? And did I mention that 90% of the time, the screen read "Lost Satellite Reception"... in the middle of rush hour traffic... where 8,000 different highways converge and split... with NO written directions directly to the hotel... nor any idea, really, where it was - how far, on what road, etc. We eventually determined we would NOT be able to rely on the Garmin to magically come back to life and show us the way. So we dug through the paperwork that we DID have (you know, printed tickets, itineraries, etc), and found some really vague written directions to Lego Land, which we knew was not far from our hotel. We had no choice but to use deductive reasoning to make our best guess at where we should go. Thankfully, it got us there... no thanks to the Garmin!

Journaling: Our story - First trip to Chicago, no idea where we were going, and the Garmin failed us miserably! For most of the trip we had no satellite signal!

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