Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Things about Thursday Morning

A breath of fresh air. Finally, the temperature has dropped to a reasonable level. This morning I was able to open up all the windows and let the fresh air come rushing in. I much prefer fresh air through open windows to air conditioning any day (except the unbelievably hot days, that is).

Lucas had to go to Indiana for work today. I think he will be there today and tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see him this weekend. Monday he leaves for Cali. Thus, today begins my alternate life as a single mom. For inspiration, I can look to my friend next door, who is, at all times, a single mom. She's such a breath of fresh air. And I dare say, a good person to go to for support. (Friends are good.)

Today is Isaac's follow-up appointment for his ankle. I am hoping and praying for good news. The "There's nothing wrong with it; go on about your business" kind of news would be best. Please keep him in your prayers.

I have a LOT of laundry to get folded... preferably today to get it out of the way. It's kind of everywhere... in the front room in baskets; strewn across my dresser; waiting in the laundry room... everywhere.

Counting today, there are 26 days left of summer vacation. School is just around the corner! Yesterday during our grocery shopping trip to Meijer, each of the kids picked out their book bag. At least that is taken care of. We still have lots to figure out - like supplies, teachers, best walking path to school, etc. 26 days in which to figure it all out. We can do it!

Last night we checked "Family Movie & Popcorn Night" off of our summer list. We popped 2 bags of popcorn (which was completely gone within 10 minutes) and watched Shrek 3.

Okay, seeing as we have to be at the doctor's office in 90 minutes, I should probably move toward the shower and move on with m y day. Maybe I'll check in again later. Depends on where our day takes us! Enjoy!!

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