Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine

I snapped this picture of Meagan at a baseball game the other day. Don't you just love the shades?! She is such a little fashionista! LOL! (You should see her at bedtime - she is always making up new clothing creations with her PJ's. Last night, she wore a Tinkerbell shirt, and then put a night gown on... but she put the neck of the nightgown around her waist, making it a long flowing skirt instead of a knee-length nightgown. Sometimes, she ties the pink feather boa around her waist for a belt. Love it. Anyway, the point is, she is very fashion-conscious for a 5-year-old. Only sometimes her fashion is quite funny! LOL)

Journaling: You are full of sunshine and summer time! Your gigantic personality just shines!

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