Friday, July 30, 2010

Tea Party Pics

Remember this page...

Well, I'm not sure WHAT came over me yesterday. All of a sudden I felt really spurred on to get 2010 thouroughly scrapped. I was just thinking, I'm not sure, in all my years of scrapping, that I've EVER actually completed a year from start to finish. For goodness sakes, I still haven't even done anything to document our wedding! LOL! So.... I thought, 'I need to really try to get a full year completed.' And what better year to start with than the one we're in now. Do it while the memories are fresh.

So, I flipped back through January, and I came across these tea party pictures again. While I have already done a layout to document the afternoon tea party, there were still so many unused photos - maybe not the BEST ones, but still dear to a mama's heart. I couldn't bear to think of just sticking them on a CD for all eternity. So, I thought, 'I need to get these pictures into the album somehow'. Easy peasy... make a supporting page to the one I already have done.

So here it is... a page of nothing but more photos. No journaling. No date. That stuff was all on the previous page. Just pics.

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