Friday, September 9, 2011

At least it's something...

I am still right where I was the last time as far as my computer situation goes... but I did manage to get 2 pages scrapped in the past 24 hours. One last night and one this morning after the kids got on the bus. (I decided scrapping was a good addition to laundry folding and shower scrubbing for the day).

First layout: Autumn Walk... these pictures are from last October and our trip to the apple orchard. I have about a billion pictures from that day. Here are 2.

journaling: "through rows and rows of apple trees we walked, the sun shining down, the cool crisp air rich with the sweet smell of fruit from the trees. this is what i love about autumn."

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Layout #2: You have a good heart... just a LOT of journaling that describes a pattern of behavior in Sebastian's life. It seems he is drawn to those who tend to be forgotten by others.

Journaling: Sebastian, since the very start of your school years, you have continued to amaze me with the complete compassion and kindness you display for others. In 1st and 2nd grade, Nick was in your class. Nick was autistic, and really struggled at times to stay calm and to focus in class. As time went on, your friendship and your connection with Nick developed to the point that your teachers sat the 2 of you next to each other so that you could help to calm him when he began to get upset. You would know exactly when he was starting to get frustrated, and you would talk softly to him and rub the back of his neck to sooth him. You did all this with complete disregard for what others in your class might think of you, and for that I am exceptionally proud of you.
When we moved to Ohio, there was a boy named William who moved to the school mid-year. William was Asian, had a huge language and cultural barrier, and had a very difficult time making friends. You came to us one day and told us how sad you were for him, and we talked about ways you could possibly choose to help him. You decided to reach out to William and become his friend, even though it was difficult at times to relate to him, or even to communicate with him. When we moved away from Ohio near the end of the school year, one of your first thoughts that you expressed to me was that you were sorry to leave William, since you knew you were his only friend. You hoped someone else would be kind enough to be his friend when you were gone.
As soon as we moved to Indiana, you met Evan, a boy in you class with Down Syndrome. While others teased or laughed at the way he spoke or did certain things, you saw it as an opportunity to make another good friend. You got to know him, learned what he like and what made him laugh. And the 2 of you really enjoyed hanging out together during school. Because this was your last year in elementary, you weren't sure if you would see Evan once you moved up to Intermediate School. As it happened though, a few days ago you came home all excited and told me you had seen Evan in the hall. You said hi to him, and he said hi, but you weren't sure if he knew who you really were. We talked about that as well. Maybe he doesn't recognize you outside of Mr. V's classroom, but if you were able to spend time with him, he would remember you for what a good friend you have been to him.
And now yesterday at dinner we were talking about your school day. Daddy asked you if you did any bucket-filling things during the day, and you said, "Well I did sit with a new friend today at lunch. He is a special-needs boy who has autism, so he always sits alone in a maintenance closet at lunch time. I think it's too loud and crowded in the cafeteria for him. But I didn't want him to always be alone, so I asked if I could sit with him. And one other boy who normally sits with me at lunch came too. So the 3 of us ate lunch in the closet."
Sebastian, I can't even tell you how good your heart is. That you are so selfless in the things you choose to do for others just makes you truly special.

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