Thursday, September 1, 2011

think happy thoughts

yesterday i had a few minutes to pass waiting on sebastian to get home from school. i sat down in front of my computer. it was working fine.

then we went to pick up tweedle dee and tweedle dum. when we got back, it was not working fine.

it had shut down and would not restart. the start up screen was all flickery and weird. then it went to a white screen that would slowly fade to cloudy purple. yes, very attractive feature for a computer, don't you think?


this is not such good news. according to my techy geeky husband, there is hope that it is just a graphic card or some other such business, in which case i will NOT have lost the two months of summer pictures that i have yet to back up (yes, i know... silly silly move on my part). this is my hope, and i am thinking happy thoughts and praying lots of prayers for my pictures. if i can just get the pictures off of there, everything else can go. no big loss. but the pictures.

we are hoping to attempt photo search and rescue this weekend. so please think happy thoughts for me and my trapped photos. they're fighting for their lives right now. we are hoping to avoid all photo tragedies. and then i will renew my commitment to diligently back up my dang pictures.


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